Friday, 11 May 2018


We started a new unit for math and it is measurement. We had stations about measurement. There were 7 stations and they were the 7 units of measurement which are length, area, volume, capacity, mass, temperature and time. My favorite station was the time because we get to choose a person and see how much time it takes for them to make 1 million dollars. I chose a soccer player James, and it takes him 6 weeks for him to make 1 million dollars.

For writing this week we started a new genre and it is recount. The purpose of this text is to retell what we have experienced or went. I wrote about the show on Thursday. 

Monday, 7 May 2018

My Spring Break

This Spring Break I didn't go anywhere from Saturday to Tuesday but from Wednesday to Saturday I went to Tam Dao to play Golf and we stayed at a really cool Resort. Me and my sisters played Golf everyday from Wednesday to Saturday.

On Monday and Tuesday I hanged out with Dylan. We played basketball and we went around and trying to Ding Dong ditch our friends house which was really fun but no one came out except Nathan. On Tuesday Graham also came to Dylan's house so me, Dylan and Graham played basketball and talked.

The rest of the week I spent a lot of time playing Golf. On Friday it was really rainy in the morning so we couldn't play. We played from the afternoon and it was so windy I couldn't even believe that it could be that windy. On Friday night my Golf friend went to Tam Dao to play with me and my sisters on Saturday. I played decent everyday except Saturday because I got tired from walking 5 km everyday and I had to walk 3 days in a row. After every round of Golf I take a rest and eat a snack. After a 2 hour break I have to go down and practice for around 2 hours and have dinner. Usually, I watch TV and listen to music when I have a break. Watching TV and listening to music makes me relax.

I think that this break was really helpful and fun. It was really exciting spending time with my family and friend.

K2 visit

We went to K2 and we did different activities and we had choices to pick what we wanted to do. The teachers treated us like we were K2s. I think the point of this trip was to see how much we have grew from K2 and probably experiencing K2. We had to pick a buddy to work with and we had to decide what to do and we chose to read books to each other. I noticed that in Grade 5 we don't really sing songs that much more, we don't build blocks and we don't read to each other anymore. We also sang this song that the K2 sings at the beginning of the year.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Blog Post this week

This week for literacy we kept working our response text about the Music Concert back in March. We already started this Blog Post from last week already but this week we are focusing more on improving on getting the structure correct. From doing this I learned what the structure and the purpose of a response text is. I wonder what the difference between a book writer and a kid would be and what makes it better? The purpose of a response text is to give an opinion about a topic. The structures of a response text are: title, context, description and judgement.

Image result for area and perimeter imagesWe are starting to learn about area and perimeter this week and I think that this unit will be very fun and I will learn a lot from this unit because I don't know a lot about area and perimeter. We had 2 problems that we have to figure out what the area and the perimeter is and we have to prove it to the class that we are correct and we have to prove it by doing a model. I learned that area is the length inside of the polygon and the perimeter is the length outside of the polygon. I also learned that we measure area squares. A polygon is a shape with many angles for example a square and a circle isn't a polygon. I wonder if we measure area in squares then how do we measure a triangle. 

This week for PYPX we went to our specialist that we chose from the week before and we go to the specialist because they will help us. I went to P.E. because my SDG is #3 and I am focusing on sportsmanship specifically in soccer. By going to P.E. 4 periods we thought of what our action could be and we thought of what else we could do either than our action. We also filmed our skit to demonstrate bad sportsmanship and good sportsmanship. We thought that 2 people wouldn't be enough so we asked for some help from the other groups. I wonder how effective our action will be and how people will react to our action.  This is the link to my two skits that I filmed. 

Monday, 9 April 2018

The Music Concert

The Music Concert happened two weeks ago. It happened on the in the morning in the UNIS theater 15th of March. The concert included Grades 4 and 5 which is about 170 kids with some singing, playing the instruments and bouncing the basketballs to a song.

I think the band that I participated in did really good in playing at the same time and we knew when to play but sometimes someone forgot what to do but it doesn't matter and we kept on playing. The funny thing was when our first song finished we had to switch the music and me and Julius switched the music and the music sheet fell down around 6 times and the audience we laughing and we were embarrassed but it was really funny. 

This Concert shows what we have learnt in the past months and what we need to improve after this Concert. The singing was phenomenal, the instruments were played on the beat and the basketballs bouncing everyone enjoyed it and everyone had fun!

Overall I think that this concert showed a lot of effort that we have been working on and I think that everyone did good and made the concert really fun and exciting for the audience to watch their children sing and do cool stuff.

Friday, 30 March 2018

Reflection for this week

This week for math we are starting to focus on geometry and and to kick it off we did this activity on the ipad to connect dots to make the shapes that they want. There were around 30 shapes to do and I did around 14 of them. Some of the shapes that I couldn't remember how it looked was a parallelogram, right triangle, and some more. I think that geometry is going to be hard because based on the game I think it is going to be hard. I have a lot of questions about geometry and one of them is: What is geometry?

This week for PYPX, our group had a meeting with the math to have an idea what we would need to know mathematically. This week was the due to finish our informational reports and we finished it on time and we think that our informational report is pretty good because we did all we could to do it. In our informational report I think the best part was the Micros because it is the research that our group found out and I was really excited. Our group also did our citations and this is probably the first time I remember doing citations. I think we should work on the Macro the most.

For literacy this week we also had two competitions. One of the competitions was about the response writing. The competition was who can have the best description for the Music Concert we had a few weeks ago. The other competition was also who can do the best description but we had for a different topic. The topic that we were talking about was a picture of children with an empty bowl waiting for food. This image was SDG #2 ( Zero Hunger ). 

It is Spring Break now!!!!

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Blog Post this week.

I think in PYPX I did good at managing my time because I finished stuff on time and it was detailed. I nearly finished my research. I did good managing my time and I also helped my group mates also have their work published at the right time and make sure they stay on task, too. I completed the Central Idea Slide by myself and contributed in coming up with the Line of Inquiry. Sometimes I also get reminded because I might take too much time doing this thing and then forgetting about the other stuff. But in total I think me and my group did really good because we got all the stuff we needed to get done was done. I think I still need to work on also spending some time on work that I don't like to do so I have a balance of doing different and also when the audience looks at the work they won't see that one piece of work looks more like it has more effort than the other one. For example: I spent more time on the Line of Inquiry than I did on the action that our group is going to take.

This week we started a new genre. This next genre is called response. We have to use a lot of judgement words in this genre. We also keep a sheet of judgement words that we can use in this genre. There is 2 sides on the sheet of paper that has all the judgement words. There is also negative and positive to split up two of the categories. Some examples of the judgement words are diabolical, dull, dark... The purpose of this genre is to give and opinion about a visual artwork, object or event. The structures of this genre are title, context, description and judgement. Title is where I write the title of the text. The context is where I write what the work, object or event is. The description is where I write the features of the work, object or event. Finally the judgement is where I write what the writer think about the work, object or event. the judgement is when I use the judgement words that I learn.

This week for math we worked on dividing with remainders and without remainders. We also had a few assessments on division to see where we are in dividing with remainders and without remainders. We also have to learn about what we have to do with the remainder. We do different things to the remainder in different situations. Maybe in a Pizza situation you need 4 dollars to buy a Pizza and then you have 2 dollars left you can buy another Pizza but a smaller size one. In this case I made the remainder as a decimal or a fraction so I can buy another Pizza. I think my strength in division is dividing without remainders because every number is dividable and I won't have to use decimals and fractions.

This week we also started a Book Club and I am in Group Number 3. We are reading Number The Stars. We also get to pick a job to do while we read the book. My job is the connector and then me and my group shows Mr.Nathan what we have read in the past week and then show him what we did for the job that we picked to do. Every week we also pick a chapter that we want to read to when we meet Mr.Nathan next week. Our book is talking about this girl named Annemarie and her friends Ellen and Annemarie's sister Lise died 2 weeks before her wedding and the book got really sad from then. The German's were also trying to takeover the country ( Denmark ) and then the king decided not to fight back because the king is scared that they will lose because the Germans have way more people. Denmark people weren't allowed to go out of their house after 8 o clock.