Thursday, 11 January 2018

The types of governance

This week we started learning about different types of governance. On the first day back from Winter Break we had a cake and whoever gets the toy in the cake gets to be the king. The king was Xavier, he told everyone what to do and Mr. Nathan wasn't even in charge like usual. Then at the end of the long day Mr.Nathan told us that it was monarchy. Monarchy means that the king gets to make the rules that everyone has to follow.

The next day, right in the morning Mr. Nathan gave Xavier a Mentos and Xavier "died". Right at that time, I thought that Mr. Nathan told him what to do. So on that day we had anarchy. Anarchy is literally the opposite of monarchy because we don't have a leader so we could do whatever we wanted. We don't have to ask Mr.Nathan or Xavier because he "died" in the morning. I think this would be more fun than any other governance since we can pick what to do but we probably won't get a a lot of work.

After the day with freedom we learnt a new governance. It was dictatorship. Dictatorship is a government that a person or a small group has unlimited power. They can tell what to do and stuff like that. The person who makes the rules is called a dictator. Monarchs is absolutely another type of dictatorship. Dictators can get rid of the current rule that someone else has made. The word dictator was first used in Roman Republic. Dictators became common during the 1800s and 1900s. I think that dictatorship is kinda similar to Monarchy somehow.

Then the final governance we learned is democracy. Democracy means describes a type of government. They do this by voting but there is an amount of contestants. Democracies are different from dictatorship. In a dictatorship dictators can make the rules. The first democracies was in ancient Greek from 2,000 years ago. And again, we had a vote on who should be the president. And the final result, again it was Xavier. I thought it was a little unfair since he already had a chance being the king.

Maker Day

On Friday December 8 we had the first 4 periods of school spending time with our Shark Tank Groups. Our Shark Tank Groups were split in different classes and I was representing my continent and it was Asia. When we got together in our numbers we voted for an energy source that we want. There were 8 energy sources that we can choose to work on for Shark Tank.

  • Solar Energy
  • Hydropower
  • Fuel Cells
  • Fossil Fuels ( Used the most )
  • Nuclear
  • Biomass
  • Wind Power
  • Geothermal
In our Shark Tank Group of 4, we were trying to build a Wind Turbine that we spin and connect the wires to the LED to make the light turn on. We failed our first 4 attempts. We always tried to do something else but it wouldn't work. 

Friday, 1 December 2017

My informational report

This is how a hydro power works.
We just change our U.O.I ( Unit of Inquiry ). We changed to electricity. We got to choose one of the 8 energy sources so me and my U.O.I partner ( Graham ) chose hydro power. We had to write a report about our energy. Before we wrote the report, we had to look at a book like a report. Our table group
had to choose a article to read and see the parts of the report.

The parts that we had to include in our report is these parts in a order from beginning to the end:

  • Macro ( main idea )
  • Micro ( little parts )
  • Linking Sentence
  • Description 1                                 Visual Literacy
  • Description 2                                 Visual Literacy
  • Description 3                                 Visual Literacy
  • Concluding Statement ( optional )
This is a link to my report about hydro power.
We put our reports in a Google Docs and this Google Docs is where everyone's report is placed.  

Thursday, 23 November 2017

My narrative reflection

This is a picture of me and the people in our group.
I am the person reading.
In my story I wrote about a boy and how his life changed when his dad died early. If I could have chance to do this task again, I would change to write more interesting words because it would be more entertaining. I would also like to change to describe things more to make the audience understand it story.
easier. I think I did well at making the paragraphs perfect size. I think I also did well at punctuation and spelling. I thought thinking about what to write in the conflict because it was really hard to figure in this story. This is the link to my

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Mon animaux presentation

Our teacher gave us a task to choose a picture of a cat or a dog. I chose a cat that is pretty fat. I like fat cats because they are chubby and they look like bosses. As soon as I chose the picture, I need to write a description about how my cat looks. For example, Il a adore manger porc et poisson. After we finish the description, we look at the checklist and double check. If everything is correct then a friend can record you.

If I were to do it again, I would add more body parts and adjectives to make it more entertaining.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

New Unit about Electricity

This is a picture of battery and I chose this picture because I thought this would relate to electricity because it has that input and output ( plus minus ) and it is different type of batteries.

I think that this unit will be fun because we will get to play around wth electricty stuff. I think we will also learn a lot in the stations that we will do over the next 5 weeks of learning about what and how electricty works. By the first to days of learning about electricty, I already am having fun with electricity.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Migration stories

First of all, I am very proud what I did. I was very confident when I introduce myself to other people.
The summative assessment was to: We had to choose one person could be made up or could be a real person. I chose my great grandfather because he was apart of my family. To research, I asked my grandmother about all the stuff she knows about my great grandfather. Some of the following questions that I asked her are:

  • When did the war start?
  • When did he die?
  • What did he do in France from 1929 to 1930
and more.
This helped me be more confidence with presenting in public and be more confidence with myself.